Twitter is testing Shopping feature that lets companies sell products via Twitter

Twitter is testing a new Shopping feature. The platform allows a number of US companies to display a ‘shop module’ on their Twitter profile, where they can display their products. Users can then purchase those products directly via Twitter.

The new ‘Shop’ module is like a carousel of products, which companies can insert at the top of their Twitter profile, reports Twitter. Users can scroll horizontally through this list of products. Users can click on a product for more information and then purchase it directly via Twitter, without having to leave the Twitter app.

The store module is currently only available for a limited number of US stores, including GameStop. The module should be visible “soon” to all US iOS users who have set up the Twitter app in English, according to the company. The platform makes no mention of availability for the Android app or Twitter users outside of the US.

This isn’t the first time Twitter has tried out store-like features on the platform. In 2014, Twitter started rolling out a buy button. Users could then buy a product with a single click, after which they only had to enter their payment and shipping details. However, that feature was phased out in 2017. Recently, reports have been circulating that Twitter may want to focus on retail features. The platform introduced company profiles earlier this year and a shop button appeared in March, TechCrunch also writes.

Image via Twitter