Twitter and Bloomberg start streaming news channel

Bloomberg starts a channel on Twitter that will continuously stream news. The channel will feature live broadcasts from Bloomberg, supplemented with images from Twitter users themselves. The channel should start broadcasting in the fall.

The channel needs to do more than just relay existing Bloomberg broadcasts. The intention is that the five Bloomberg studios worldwide will stream special live broadcasts, writes The Wall Street Journal. A special editorial team will check current videos from Twitter users, so that they can be included on the channel.

Twitter has been wanting to bet on live streaming of news for some time now. Eight hundred hours of live images have already been broadcast in the past quarter; in the previous quarter it was six hundred hours. The company was still looking for a partner for a dedicated live channel and has now found it in Bloomberg. The financial details of the partnership are unknown.

Last week, Twitter announced that the number of monthly active users has increased by 9 million to 328 million. Revenue fell 7.8 percent to $548 million and the company suffered a loss of $61.6 million.