Tweak increases prices for fiber optic subscriptions as of June 1

Internet provider Tweak is increasing the prices of its subscriptions on all networks on which the company is active. The isp speaks of ‘a correction’ that would be necessary because purchasing rates have risen.

The monthly prices for the Tweak subscriptions Gigabit Internet Only, Gigabit Internet & Calling and Gigabit All-in-1 increase by 2 euros. Customers can also pay annually and the increase is then a total of 20 euros.

For new customers, the increased rates will take effect immediately and for pre-orders delivered after June 1, the new rates will apply from that date. Existing customers will also pay the new rates from June. Customers who have an annual subscription will pay the new rate with their next invoice after June 1.

Tweak reports that the increase is necessary because the company has had to deal with sharply rising purchasing rates in recent years. Tweak also mentions inflation and investments made as reasons.

Subscription Old price
New price
Old price
New price
Gigabit Internet Only €39,- €41,- €390,- €410,-
Converted €34.17 per month
Gigabit Internet & Calling €42,- €44,- €420,- €440,-
Converted €36.67 per month
Gigabit All-in-1 €57.95 €59.95 €589.80 €609.80
Converted €50.82 per monthm