Tumblr now shows less ‘sensitive content’ in iOS app

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Tumblr will adopt a broader interpretation of “sensitive content” in its iOS app. As a result, less ‘sensitive content’ will be visible in the iOS app. The company does this to comply with App Store guidelines. Nothing will change on Tumblr’s website and Android app.

Users of the Tumblr iOS app may see fewer search results if one or more of the specified search terms is included in the new broader interpretation of “sensitive content.” In some cases, there will be no results at all in the iOS app.

In a blog post, the Tumblr team writes that some blogs will no longer be accessible via the iOS app. That is, if they are marked as ‘explicit’. Users will then see a notification on the screen. It states that the content in question is hidden. Some users will also see fewer suggestions in the ‘Following’ and ‘Interestingly’ sections.

An official list of keywords has not yet been published to reflect the broader interpretation of sensitive content. The American TechCrunch was able to get hold of a glossary that was compiled by Tumblr users. It contains keywords that would fall under the broader interpretation of sensitive ‘content’.

Tumblr gives a motive for the change. “We needed to implement these measures to keep our app on Apple’s App Store and to be in line with their sensitive material policy,” it said. The company also writes that it is working on “more thoughtful solutions for the future” and on additional features that should make the iOS experience “less limited”. The broader interpretation of ‘sensitive content’ does not apply on the web page and on the Android app and nothing will change for the time being.

Tumblr notification in iOS app

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