Trump administration seems unhappy with Oracle’s deal with TikTok

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US President Donald Trump’s administration appears unhappy with Oracle’s deal with ByteDance over TikTok. According to the responsible minister, among others, the Chinese state still has access to data from American users.

The details of the proposed deal are classified, but according to Bloomberg, Oracle would get access to the source code and algorithms of TikTok through an American company to be set up with ByteDance under the name TikTok. In addition to Oracle, three more American companies would enter, but ByteDance would keep control of TikTok.

The United States government would prefer to see ByteDance sell TikTok entirely to an American company. Otherwise, you may be banned. The Trump administration is currently reviewing Oracle’s deal with ByteDance. The self-set deadline for a deal expires next Sunday.

Oracle’s director is Larry Ellison, a supporter of US President Trump. The close ties between Oracle and the government have given the company a hand in the process, claims The New York Times. The government has often been accused in recent years of favoring family and friends of the president and of penalizing enemies. For example, Amazon claims that the award of the tender to build cloud services from the Pentagon went to Microsoft because Amazon owner Jeff Bezos has a newspaper Trump hates.

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