TP Vision comes with Philips headphones and wireless earphones with noise canceling

TP Vision is releasing the Philips Fidelio L3 headphones for 350 euros. This is an over-ear headset with noise canceling. In addition, the manufacturer comes with a cheaper over-ear headphones and two wireless earphones, all of which also have noise cancellation.

The Philips Fidelio L3 has two 40mm drivers and, according to TP Vision, has good passive noise isolation through the use of memory foam and leather ear cups. This is supplemented by a noise canceling system consisting of four microphones that pick up ambient noise, after which the headphones try to filter it out. There is also a Consciousness mode that does not filter out noise from the environment.

The L3 supports bluetooth 5.0 and Qualcomm’s aptX-HD codec. The battery should last for 35 hours, or 30 hours with noise cancellation on. After charging for 15 minutes with the supplied USB-C cable, the headphones should be usable for six hours. The Philips Fidelio L3 will be available soon for 350 euros.

TP Vision also comes with cheaper headphones with noise canceling, namely the Philips H9505. These headphones also have a 40mm driver in each ear cup and support bluetooth 5.0, but for example the battery life is somewhat less with a specified playback time of twenty hours, which is achieved regardless of whether the noise cancellation is used. A USB-C cable is also included with these headphones, and the H9505 can be used for another hour after charging for fifteen minutes. The headphones will be released in November and will cost 250 euros.


In addition, TP Vision comes with two wireless earpieces with noise canceling. The T8505 earphones have 13mm drivers, while the cheaper T5505 earphones have to make do with 8mm drivers. Both models come with interchangeable caps in three sizes, support bluetooth 5.0, Google Fast Pair and the voice assistants Google Assistant and Siri. They can also be operated by touch.

The T8505 should achieve a playtime of six hours, which is one hour shorter if the noise scan count is used, but the playtime goes up to 18 hours with the included charging case. With the T5505 that is five hours, 4.5 hours with noise cancellation and 15 hours via the charging case. The T8505 will cost 200 euros, the price of the T5505 will be 50 euros lower and both models will be on the market in October.