Toyota will produce 40 percent fewer cars in September due to corona outbreaks

Toyota will produce 40 percent fewer cars worldwide in September, contrary to what the company had planned. According to the company’s top, a resurgence of the corona virus in Vietnam and Malaysia is causing problems for suppliers.

Originally, the Japanese car brand would manufacture 900,000 cars worldwide in September, Nikkei Asia said. But due to problems at the Southeast Asian suppliers in Vietnam and Malaysia, the management has adjusted this number to 500,000 vehicles.

The problems are said to be due to the increasing number of corona infections in Southeast Asian countries, which makes a number of parts more difficult to obtain. According to Nikkei Asia, this will cause some factories in Japan to come to a standstill. Toyota’s other global factories will produce a total of 220,000 fewer cars.

It is not the first time this year that the Japanese car manufacturer has had to adjust its production downwards. According to Nikkei Asia, production in some Vietnamese factories was put on the back burner last month due to the increasing number of corona infections. Last month, Toyota also experienced a slowdown in the production chain due to the global chip shortage.