Top 5 Best Recycle Bin Apps For Android 2019

On a desktop computer, we get the option Recycle Bin which allows users to recover accidentally deleted files and folders. Android does not have the Trash however not. That means there is no option to restore files after they have been deleted.

What if I tell you that you have the Recycle Bin & # 39; on your Android device? There are many Android trash apps available in the Google Play Store that can be used to prevent accidental deletion of data by yourself or another person. With these apps, you can recover deleted files by accident. So let’s look at the best Android apps that serve as a trash can.

1 Dumpster

Dumpster is one of the best, and top-rated Android trash app that you can use now. The best thing about Dumpster is that it temporarily stores everything you remove from internal storage. Another good thing is that Dumpster does not need root access to run on your Android smartphone.

2 DiskDigger

DiskDigger can work on both a rooted and a non-rooted smartphone, it works at its best on a device with roots. Just like Dumpster, DiskDigger also saves all deleted files on your Android smartphone. Another feature of DiskDigger is the cloud storage service that allows users to use the DiskDigger cloud service to store deleted files. 

3 Recycle master

Recycle master is another best Android trash app in the list that backs -up makes everything you remove from your smartphone. Recycle Master is almost like the Dumpster mentioned in this article. The app arrives with a clear interface that looks well organized and straightforward.

4 Cx File Explorer

Cx File Explorer is a full-featured file management app for your Android smartphone with recycle bin functions too. The app even has the Recycle Bin feature built in. That means that every file that you delete using Cx File Explorer was saved in the Recycle Bin folder, which can be later recovered.

5 File Commander

File Commander is a full-featured file management app that comes with a clear and intuitive interface. This can recover accidentally deleted files and folders, but the Recycle Bin feature is only present in the premium version of File Commander.