Titanfall beta betrays possible split-screen mode

The full version of Titanfall could include a split screen mode. This is evident from the data files of the beta of the popular online shooter. In addition, the full game seems to contain 15 maps and more is known about the weapons, perks and game modes.

The discovery was initially made by Neogaf member RazorUK. Reddit user no1dead was then the one who discovered the possible split-screen mode. The data files contained commands such as GetSplitScreenPlayerSlot, ss_splitmode and ss_enable. That doesn’t mean a split-screen mode is definitely in Titanfall. It could be leftover code from the Source Engine, which supports split screen. The commands can also relate to a feature of the game that was canceled during development or only added to the game after release through an update.

In addition to discovering a possible split-screen mode, RazorUK has learned that there are likely to be 15 maps in the final game. The database references the names Angel City, Colony, Fracture, Relic, Airbase, Boneyard, Corporate, Outpost 207, Lagoon, Rise, Smuggler’s Cove, Overlook, Nexus, Training Ground, and O2. In addition, the file lists names of weapons, game modes and perks. The full list of dates can be found in a topic on Neogaf and in a thread on Reddit. Titanfall will be available on March 13 for Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows.