Titanfall 2 contains vulnerability that allows hackers to crash game

The game Titanfall 2 seems to suffer from a vulnerability. This would allow hackers to crash the game. Respawn Entertainment reports that the users and their systems are at no further risk.

Respawn Entertainment reports on Twitter that it is probably a vulnerability that could cause the game to be crashed deliberately. “We are still investigating this issue, but our engineers believe we are dealing with a simple exploit that can be used to crash games,” the studio said. We don’t believe there are more serious risks to the affected players or their systems.” Respawn said the company will release more information as the investigation progresses.

With this, the problem appears to be smaller than previously expected. On Wednesday, players posted messages in Discord servers, on the Steam forum and on Twitter. In it, players claimed that hackers had access to the game’s admin panel, and that they could use it to run code on users’ systems. It was also called to uninstall the game to prevent that, PCGamer also writes.