Tinkerer creates pcb kit to play Game Boy version of Tetris online

One of the few things that the original Tetris for Game Boy can improve upon is online multiplayer. A programmer now makes this possible with a PCB that he designed himself. All you need is a multiplayer cable, a Raspberry Pi and a soldering iron.

Hacker and tinkerer Stacksmashing sells a custom adapter that makes it possible to play Tetris on the original GameBoy online. Tetris is the first Game Boy game to also support local multiplayer and Stacksmashing has now created an online multiplayer tool for that.

For his project, Stacksmashing uses the Link Cable, the cable that is used to connect multiple Game Boys. The hacker has designed his own pcb to which the Link Cable can be attached. Users then have to solder a Raspberry Pi Pico to it themselves, but the pcb does have suitable connections for that. Next, users need to install a software stack consisting of a Python server and WebUSB. The user can connect the kit to the PC and open a React server to play online.

The creator has created the code in such a way that a game server is started on a connected PC. This makes it possible not only to play one-on-one matches as is possible with the original game, but also with a theoretically infinite number of players. Stacksmashing sells the boards for 15 dollars, users also have to buy the Raspberry Pi itself and solder on it.