TikTok will soon allow three-minute videos

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TikTok users will soon be able to share videos that last three minutes. The company announced this in a statement. With this measure, TikTok wants to give its users ‘more flexibility’. The current time limit for videos on TikTok is 60 seconds.

“We are hearing from users that they would like to have a little more time on TikTok to tell their story,” a TikTok press release said. “These longer videos will allow users to create new or more expansive content on the platform.”

Thanks to an earlier test phase, it was already possible for some users to post a 60-second video on the social media platform, but now the new functionality is coming to all users. The new capability will be rolled out in the coming weeks. As soon as it is available in the app, the user will be informed via a notification.

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