TikTok is testing paying for custom videos with Shoutouts feature

TikTok is testing a Shoutouts feature in certain markets, according to Buzzfeed News, that allows users to request custom videos from other TikTokkers. The feature allows fans to pay for these custom videos from popular influencers.

The Shoutouts button appears on the profile page of accounts and within videos, according to Buzzfeed News. This button allows users to request the custom videos from TikTok users. They can indicate what kind of video they want to request, after which they have to pay the creator. This is done with TikTok’s own currency. It seems that creators themselves can specify how much users should pay for Shoutouts. In an example that Buzzfeed provides, a creator asks 37 euros for a Shoutout.

After requesting a Shoutout, the creator has three days to review the request. If the creator approves the application, he still has a week to actually make the video. This video will then appear as a personal message.

It is unclear whether Shoutouts can only be requested from certain popular accounts or whether this is possible with all accounts. It is also unknown where this feature is currently being tested. For the time being, the site only writes about Turkey and Dubai. TikTok has not yet commented on the feature.

Shoutouts allow users to “get personalized videos from their favorite creators,” reads when requesting a Shoutout. For example, users can ask for a birthday greeting or a pep talk.

Custom celebrity videos have been on the rise for years; Buzzfeed News mentions the Cameo service that lets people request personalized videos of celebrities. Such a video can cost “hundreds” of dollars.