This powerful lawnmower has a smart battery system

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Summer is imminent. It has been a good temperature for several weeks now. And on 21 June the astronomical summer starts in the Northern Hemisphere. Take the necessary rain showers, and it is perfect for all the green in your garden, to come to bloom.

But that of course also provides the necessary work in the garden. The ivy and grass grow like cabbage for weeks like this. And to make the garden look a bit nicer you will have to work almost weekly. What you need then is the best material, so that you can do your work quickly and as well as possible.
And there comes Makita around the corner. Known of course of all the professional construction tools. But did you know that you can also for the garden with this brand. From lawn mowers and hedge trimmers to leaf blowers and trimmers.

Lawn mower DLM380

The DLM380 cordless lawn mower is now equipped with the new Lita battery system from Makita. That means two 18 volt batteries that together provide 36 volt power. A power with which you can easily trim every lawn beautifully.
But the big advantage of this system lies in the corresponding batteries. They also fit the more than 100 other Makita machines. Which saves you a lot of money when you buy, and that’s how professional quality Makita is known for, comes within everyone’s reach.

Makita LXT accuset

The battery set is a good investment for when you start doing business again, or have to go out in the garden. You can use the batteries on all your 18V or 2x18V LXT Makita machines, such as a hedge trimmer, leaf blower, chain saw, drill and lawnmower.
The lawn mower DLM380 costs you € 470, but that includes a Makita LXT battery set 2×18 volts and duosnellader with a value of € 365. Then you pay only € 105 for the lawnmower. And that advantage then applies to all Makita devices that are available without batteries and quick charger.

Click & go

And the batteries can then be simply clicked on one of your devices and you can get started. It will not be much simpler. Incidentally, not every device needs 2 batteries, so combining chores is also fine to do. The one with the hedge trimmer to work briefly to wicks, the other with the trimmer to the edges along the grass to do.

Mowing the lawn has never been so easy

With the Makita DLM380PT2 you get a nice even mowing pattern. Perfect to use for lawns up to 400 m2. The wheels go smoothly and are in line with the chassis, so you can also mow along all the edges. The plastic cutting deck is also low-maintenance and makes the lawn mower lightweight.
Manually you can set the cutting height with 6 different heights between 25 and 75 millimeters. And you do not need to do nahark, with the 40 liter collection bag you can easily collect all the garden waste.

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