This is Windows 95 as a mobile OS

Long before everyone was working on responsive web design and mobile first, it was Microsoft that ruled with Windows 95. Microsoft forever changed the way people around the world use computers. It also turned out to be a cash cow. In the years since the launch of Windows 95, Microsoft’s annual revenue rose from $ 8.7 billion in 1996 to $ 44.2 billion in 2006.

When we look at the desktop, Microsoft still holds the vast market share. But not everyone is still in possession of a desktop PC or laptop at all. We do everything today or on the iPad.

Mobile OS

But thanks to the Youtube channel 4096 it is now possible to see how a new modern mobile OS with the design of 23 years ago would look like.

The following video from the Windows 95 Mobile concept shows a number of iconic graphical elements of the popular OS, including the taskbar and start menu, everyone’s favorite virtual assistant, Clippy and many more.

Go check it out!


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