This is how you set up an Apple TV or iPad as a HomeKit home hub

To control your HomeKit products remotely and to be able to create automation, you set up an Apple TV (4th generation or newer) as a home hub. If you do not have an Apple TV, you can also use your iPad as the center of your home.

HomeKit Apple TV hub

When you set up a HomeKit home hub, it is important that the device always stays at home and is connected to your own Wi-Fi network. That is why an Apple TV is ideal as a home hub. You must do this for this:

  1. iCloud keychain must be activated to use your Apple TV as a home hub. Check this in the Settings app. Tap your name at the top and choose “iCloud> Keychain”.
  2. When you connect your Apple TV for the first time, you get an option to configure it via your iPhone. This adds all the data that you need.
  3. Now that you are logged in to iCloud with your Apple TV, the Apple TV automatically configures itself as a home hub. You can check this by going to “Settings> Users and Accounts> iCloud” on your Apple TV. Here, “My house” must be “Connected.”

iPad as a HomeKit home hub

If you have an iPad that is always at home, you can also configure it as a home hub. Make sure you have the Woning app on your iPad and you have added at least one HomeKit accessory here. Then open the Settings app, choose “Home” and enable “Use this iPad as a home hub”.