This is how you control your Mac’s mouse with the keyboard

Does the mouse no longer work? Is batteries trackpad suddenly empty? Magic Mouse on the charger? Don’t panic, because there is a way to control your Mac’s mouse cursor with your keyboard.

Operating a mouse with a keyboard

To be able to control your mouse with your keyboard, you have to activate a function. Without a mouse you do this as follows:

  • Open Spotlight with Cmd + Space, type ‘System Preferences’ and press Enter.
  • Press Cmd + F to open the search window, type ‘Mouse and trackpad’ and press Enter Key Ctrl + Fn + F7. This activates a function with which the Tab key lets you select more components.
  • Press Tab several times, so that the box for “Activate mouse keys” is selected. The function is activated by pressing Space.

You can now operate the mouse with your keyboard! Do you have a numeric keyboard? Then operate the mouse with the numeric keypad, where you click with 5. Do you have a smaller keyboard? Use the 7, 8, 9, U, O, J, K keys to move your mouse cursor and press i to click.

It takes a long time for your mouse to respond and it moves slowly. Disruptive? Click on “Options” and move the control from “Start Delay” to “Short” and from “Maximum Speed” to “Fast”. Here you also state that you turn the mouse keys on and off by tapping Option (Alt) five times – a lot faster than the above explanation.