this is how the new iPhone SE 2 looks like

After the rumors about the new iPhones that came out at the end of the year were already well underway there was some uncertainty: will there be or will not a new iPhone SE? That seems obvious now: photos have been leaked from China to show the new SE 2, which seems to have a glass back and which also has a headphone input. Hoera!

The iPhone for people who do not like big phones (the screen is still four inches) still seems to be based on the design of the iPhone 5 and that still looks very good. The rumors about a new SE have been around for a long time, but due to this leak we at least know that the new SE will not take the shape of the iPhone 6.

Wireless charging

This fully glass back is not only because they like it at Apple: it makes it possible that the SE 2 can also be charged wirelessly. We will also be able to expect some other internal improvements such as a new variant of the chip that is in it. The current SE has an A9 chip, so presumably an A10 will come in this one. So there is no Face ID, because the fingerprint sensor is still there. The front of the phone is identical to the S5 and the SE, so we do not have to expect much news.

Perhaps this iPhone SE 2 will be announced at WWDC in June, but that is still unclear. Again, this remains a leak on Chinese social media, so it can be very fake, but in view of the other rumors that (except for the lack of a headphone input) are in this line, this would be quite possible.


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