This Chinese 500-megapixel camera recognizes a face from thousands

Chinese scientists have recently announced that they have a cloud-based camera system 500 megapixels have made. According to the makers, the camera can capture a face with extreme detail, even in a stadium full of people. The system then uses AI and cloud computing to name the face.

The camera system was developed by Shanghai-based Fudan University and the Changchun Chinese Academy of Sciences. It was unveiled at the 21st China International Industry Fair, reported Chinese state media on Sunday.

Face recognition

The large crowds registering is technically difficult. When 20 million pixels are used to photograph 10,000 people, only 20 pixels are available per person. Face recognition then becomes impossible.

Consumer cameras usually do not go beyond 50 megapixels. One of the more advanced cameras that is available to consumers is one Hasselblad with 400 megapixels. Incidentally, consumers are increasingly in need of large amounts of megapixels, because it is known that more megapixels do not necessarily lead to better photoss leads.

New camera

The new Chinese camera creates images through multiple photoss to stick together, a mathematically complicated process that takes a lot of computing power. Some cameras used by astronomers to capture the depths of space can capture images up to a few gigapixels – that’s a few billion pixels in one image.

The new camera is also capable of videos, again with an extraordinary amount of detail, but for this with an astounding amount of data. Wireless data traffic is still a bottleneck.

The team of researchers is aware of privacy risks and believes that their technology must be standardized within the new legislation.