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This bizarre PS4 controller costs $ 14,000

Sony has already released a lot of special PS4 controllers, including a very nice one that has been released in honor of selling 500 million PS4s but that is not at all against this very special DualShock 4 which is made by Brikk. If you do not know Brikk: they specialize in ultimate luxury or ultimate kitsch, depending on whether you can afford it or not. In any case, they are very good at making gold variants of electronics. Golden Airpods ? Golden

Of course, it means that you have to pay between 8,500 and 14,000 dollars for this very special controller, but then you have something too. Both the classic and deluxe variants are coated in 24-carat gold and then with three layers of white lacquer so that you can sit with your Dorito hands. In addition, there are seven diamonds embedded in the Playstation button (made of 18-carat gold) that together are 0.25 carats.

Deluxe luxury

Then of course there is that ‘deluxe’ version, which also has to cost the main prize. For that, you also get to replace the four buttons on the right and the analogue direction buttons with 18-carat gold with (conflict-free) diamonds. The version you see in the pictures is of course jerk, because if all the buttons look the same you can not recognize them anymore. Brikk, however, lets you completely fill in how you want the buttons and then you can also use titanium buttons (with the right imprint), you can use platinum instead of gold, it’s all possible. You can even get ‘gaming-focused’ upgrades such as extra buttons, trigger stops and specific heights of your analog sticks like Pro controllers .

If you then have such a controller, do not take it with you in your back pocket, so there is also an aluminum case for each controller that is on the inside with a specially made foam insert and red linen on the inside, so that everyone can immediately see that it is an expensive thing that you get out of the case. So this is not an upgrade you will do if you have useful things to spend on, but as a gamer with too much money, it can be worse than this super deluxe controller.

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