Thin Intel Tiger Lake laptop with Xe igpu runs Battlefield V at 30fps

Intel shows a teaser of a laptop equipped with a Tiger Lake CPU. The integrated Xe GPU runs Battlefield V at a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels with high settings and DX11 at 30fps. Tiger Lake is the successor to Ice Lake.

Ryan Shrout, Intel’s chief performance strategist, lets in a short video on Twitter see the gaming performance of a prototype thin laptop with Intel’s new Tiger Lake processor. In that processor generation, Intel will use its new Xe architecture for GPUs for the first time.

In the comments, several users show similar tests with different hardware. This is how Andres Schilling of the German website Hardwareluxx shares Results of Comet Lake and Ice Lake CPUs. The Intel Core i7-1065G7 with Gen11 graphics and 25W TDP achieves 13.3fps and the Core i7-10710U with Gen9.5 GPU and also 25W TDP comes out at 7.4fps.

TechEphiphany share a video with results from a Ryzen 4000 processor. He limited the tdp of a Ryzen 7 4800HS to 20W, simulating a Ryzen 7 4700U. The frame rate in Battlefield V is higher at 30 to 50 fps, but a combination of high and low settings has been used.

It is not known what the specifications are of the Tiger Lake CPU used and at which TDP it is set. Intel announced the first details about the Ice Lake successors at the beginning of this year. It is again about 10nm processors, but Intel now uses a 10nm + process and new Willow Cove cores; they are clocked faster.

It is rumored that Tiger Lake CPUs with an integrated Xe GPU with up to 96 execution units will appear. The current Ice Lake processors have an Iris Plus GPU with a maximum of 64 EUs in the most powerful versions.

Intel’s Xe architecture for video cards will first appear in laptops and data center GPUs, but Intel plans to release separate video cards for desktops later on. Intel showed a first developer version at the beginning of this year. The Intel team that makes GPUs is led by Raja Koduri. He was previously the chief executive of AMD’s Radeon division.