They use these smart marketing tricks in restaurants

A restaurant or food chain is all about food Tasteful food is what customers want to taste. Nevertheless, cooking is not the only activity of restaurants. They also think about smart tricks to let you sit at the table longer and order more. It’s about food, but also about money. How do they do this?

Order of the dishes

Restaurants that have thought about the menu and have read the marketing tricks, often put more expensive dishes at the top and bottom. People read, yes, from top to bottom. We often remember the upper and lower dishes better. A restaurant can also choose to put an expensive dish at the top. So the bottom dishes suddenly seem a lot cheaper. It’s all about how our mind works …


‘Salmon’ sounds less interesting than ‘freshly grilled salmon in a crisp jacket’, right? People often choose on the basis of how something is described, also on the menu. Especially when you are hungry, you are more sensitive to words related to food. And another thing: Euro signs are often omitted on the menu. People are less likely to think that money is involved. Even ‘€ 1’ seems more expensive than ‘1’.


People are unconsciously sensitive to colors. Red would stimulate appetite and yellow attracts attention. This is also the reason that you often find these colors in fast food chains. More chic restaurants often use blue. This color calms and gives a relaxed impression. With this they want to keep customers longer in the restaurant.


Cutlery is especially practical, but can also actually influence how we experience our food. We attach heavy cutlery to quality. This then also associate with our food. In a study, people who ate silver cutlery salmon gave more money to the salmon than people who ate with cheaper cutlery. Even the color and shape of cutlery influences our taste perception. Yoghurt tastes better for many people when it is eaten with a white spoon. Cheese seems to taste better if you eat it from a knife.