There will be a new Medal of Honor VR game

Respawn is not standing still, the studio of Electronic Arts made Titanfall and Apex Legends but is now also considering Medal of Honor. A virtual reality game of this is now under construction called Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter

It has been a while since there was a new part in the first-person shooter series Medal of Honor Honor appeared (Warfighter is already from 2012). However, there is something new in the pipeline, although that is not entirely what you are used to from this series. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is a virtual reality game to be released in 2020. It appears to be one of the most expensive productions for Oculus Rift, but how much this game has made in terms of development costs is unknown.

Above and Beyond is set in Western Europe, where you are deployed as a force for the Office of Strategic Services to make it difficult for the Nazis. You do that in the beautiful mountains in Norway, but also in France just before D-Day. You are on the beach of Normandy and you really experience the war from various important points in Europe. These stories are largely told by the level design, but also in cut scenes, in which you meet other Allies and freedom fighters.

Virtual Reality

It is a VR game, so that means that even the shooting feels much more realistic than normal. You really have to keep your hands in the right place to hit the mark and reload regularly. You also get a whole arsenal of weapons: guns, snipers, machine guns. You can even have a gun in every hand. And of course you can throw grenades, which you virtually open with your teeth.

This new Medal of Honor game, at least in terms of controversy, takes it a bit easier than its predecessors, it seems. There was a great deal of fuss about an earlier Medal of Honor that took place during the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001. You could then play as a Taliban fighter against the United States and several mothers of killed soldiers had major problems with that.

Whether Medal of Honor Above and Beyond is going to go somewhere else, we know that next year when the game comes out on Oculus VR. A multiplayer is also coming to Above and Beyond, but nothing has been announced about this yet.

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