The US Navy uses mucus to stop hostile ships

The American navy has found a very special way to stop enemy ships . Not with bullets or ropes, but with mucus . This would be a safer and smarter way to disable boats.


The mucus is based on mucus from the hagfish or slime prick. This fish protects itself against attackers by means of a mucus that he fires at intruders. This comes across the mouth or gills of the ‘enemy’, which gives the hagfish time to escape. The mucus swells when it comes into contact with seawater. It can enlarge thousands of times. This mucus researchers want to develop and use to stop ships themselves.

Now the American army stops boats by firing a plastic rope that ends up in the propeller. The new system with mucus would be safer and more effective and would not harm the crew of the other boat. The mucus is not environmentally polluting, because it only consists of proteins.


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