‘The US government wants to do antitrust research on large tech companies’

The American White House seems to be planning to have a major investigation into tech companies to determine whether they have violated antitrust laws. Probably this concerns companies such as Google, Twitter and Facebook.

This is evident from a so-called executive order which should be signed by President Donald Trump, and who came into hands . ] from Bloomberg. The document states that authorities in the United States are instructed to investigate online platforms and whether they may have violated antitrust laws. This should reveal whether the competition is possibly hindered and whether the conscious online platform has a certain bias . The investigation should begin within one month of the executive order signing.

The companies concerned are not mentioned by name, but it is likely that they are large social networks, such as those of Google, Twitter and Facebook. President Trump has in the past frequently pulled out to these companies, because in his opinion they have prejudices and censors certain beliefs. He also stated at the time that the companies might have to be regulated.

In a reaction, the White House confirmed the existence of the executive order but it was noted that it is still an early version that still has not been reviewed by the various US government agencies. In addition, a spokesman said that the document ‘is not part of official policy’, so it is still unclear whether it will actually be signed by Trump.