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The Pininfarina PFO is the ultimate electric Hypercar

Pininfarina is a name that real car enthusiasts will already know, but may not be known (but mostly weird). Pininfarina is the Italian design agency that designed top models for Ferrari as designed by the Testarossa, the P5 and also for Maserati and Lancia, for example. Not the least. The PFO is not completely in the picture, unfortunately, but the contours promise a lot and with a CV like that of Pininfarina it is difficult to believe that the new electric car will not look great.

But good , the veiled ‘announcement’ is also little more than a statement that must indicate that the design company is working on the electric car . Although the PFZ (Pininfarina Zero) can be ordered from the end of this summer, this only applies to the customers selected by the company itself. Then in early 2019 the car (so after paying 2 million dollars) is presented as a concept and from the second half of 2020 the car should be delivered.

Do not do everything yourself

What do the lucky ones get? their money? A car that until now almost like science fiction reads. The electric car would have a top speed of 400 kilometers per hour and could go from 0 to 100 kilometers within two seconds. On a full battery you can apparently still drive 480 kilometers with that kind of speed and within fifteen minutes you can fill 80 percent of that battery. Madness.

Pininfarina is not going to do everything on the car itself. They are working hard to find partnerships with companies like Apple and Google for the technology that will come in the PFO. The company has no interest in making its own systems for navigation and other things that do not revolve around design. The design is everything and Pininfarina says that it should not be over-designed, otherwise it loses its purity. “We are looking for something that looks incredibly ‘clean’ and impossibly simple ‘, they say to The Verge. It is to be hoped that the designers will do it again, because this time it is no work for Ferrari or another automaker: this time the name Pininfarina itself is at stake.

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