The Mandalorian 2 from today on Disney + (and that’s how you watch together!)

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The first season of The Mandalorian was a huge success, and the second season premieres on Disney + today. From today the first episode (chapter 9) can be seen and a new part in the series will be released every week until December 18. Want to watch the adventures of The Mandalorian with friends? Disney has come up with something for that in times of social distancing: GroupWatch!

Disney + GroupWatch: Watch together

For a few weeks now you can use the GroupWatch function on Disney +. The name says it all: this allows you to watch the same Disney movie or series with friends or family at the same time. The streams are synchronized so that the whole group sees exactly the same at the same time. If someone pushes pause or rewind, that happens to everyone. In the meantime you can send emojis.

A GroupWatch group can consist of up to seven people, including the host. Child profiles cannot participate. All participants must be subscribed to Disney + to watch – but how do you actually invite people?

GroupWatch: send invitation

You send the invitation to a GroupWatch from the Disney Plus app on your iPhone or from the Disney + website.

  • Look for The Mandalorian (or any other title you want to watch with a group).
  • There is a GroupWatch button on the overview page: tap or click it.
  • Invite people: they will receive a link that they have to click to open the stream.

If everyone you have invited is there, start the stream. You can also continue watching on another device (for example on your television) by logging in there with the same profile. The app will then ask on the homepage if you want to participate in the stream.

Not yet Disney +?

You can take out a subscription via the app or the Disney + website. A subscription costs 6.99 per month or 69.99 per year.

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