The MacBook Air 2022 will also get these MacBook Pro features

Both Apple leaker Dylandkt and technology newspaper DigiTimes today released new rumors about the MacBook Air with M2 chip, which is expected in the second half of 2022. It is striking that most of the expected new features can already be found on the MacBook Pro 2021, which was announced earlier this week. We list the most important features that have been transferred to the MacBook Air 2022.

MacBook Air 2022 features: Mini LED

The new MacBook Pro is the first Mac with a so-called mini LED screen, and the MacBook Air 2022 will also get this technology. This gives the screen a much better contrast, and it also becomes much brighter. This has to do with the backlight of the screen.

With the current MacBook Air, the lighting comes from the sides of the screen. With mini-LED you have a lot of zones with LEDs behind the screen, which can be switched on or off individually. This ensures that bright parts of your image become even brighter, and that dark parts become even darker.


The convenient charging port is back, and it’s also coming to the new MacBook Air. Are you tripping over your cord? Then it just pops out of the charging port, and your MacBook stays safely where it is. Unfortunately, this is the only connection that comes over from the MacBook Pro: HDMI and the SD card reader remain exclusive to the Pro.


It may be the least liked design novelty of the new MacBook Pro, but it looks like the notch is also coming to the MacBook Air. This is a bite from the top of the screen where the FaceTime camera is located. However, macOS’s menu bar has been thickened to make the notch largely unnoticeable.

Much better webcam

Fortunately, the notch is there for a reason: the camera that is in it is a lot better than that in the current Air, and can film in 1080p. If it’s the same webcam as the one in the new MacBook Pro, that means a completely new sensor with a new lens system. As a result, it performs much better, especially in poor light conditions.