the Lenovo Z5 does not have a borderless screen at all

It seemed too good to be true: the rumors about the new Z5 phone from Lenovo madeĀ it appear as if the smartphone would be the first to have a completely borderless front. This emerged from a sketch posted by Vice President Chang Cheng on the Chinese Weibo . At that time it was already a bit questionable, because everyone can make a sketch, but then there were also other teasers who seemed to point out that there really would be nothing.

Now it turns out at the presentation of the Z5 that it is indeed not true: the phone has one notch (notch) at the top and a small chin at the bottom. There the dreams of a borderless device go. And the reliability of Lenovo when it comes to announcements and teasers, by the way. If you are just pretending to have things that are not there, people will not believe you soon in the future.

Slightly unfortunate

It is also not convenient from Lenovo: because they have now promised something that they can not deliver, the interest in the phone is immediately gone. And that while it looks like it will not be a bad device at all. The screen surface is 90 percent screen because the notch is narrower than the Xiaomi Mi 8 and and iPhone X and the edge around the screen would also be marginally thinner. Effectively, however, the device looks exactly like all Android devices do this year.

Furthermore, it is also thirteen in a dozen: a Qualcomm processor, 6 GB of memory, a 1080P screen of 6.2 inches and a hefty battery that you can charge quickly. For the price, however, you do not have to leave it: if the model ever came out here, it would be incredibly cheap with a price of 240 euros for a model with 128 GB of storage. In China, you can buy the W5 from June 14, but for other markets, nothing has been announced yet.


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