The Groningen and Drenthe power grid is running up against the redelivery border

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In parts of Groningen and Drenthe, the electricity network no longer has capacity to handle further feed-in. Grid operator Enexis is therefore unable to connect new solar panels projects in places.

Enexis and the national grid operator TenneT acknowledge the connection problems to de Volkskrant: “New initiatives for sustainable generation, especially solar parks, require so much connection capacity that the regional grid is approaching the limits of the maximum load capacity in the short term and in various places”. This is mainly due to a lack of planning in the initiatives, as a result of which network operators cannot adapt cables and transformation houses in time.

The problem would mainly be in sparsely populated parts of the country, such as Groningen, Drenthe and Overijssel. The power grid there has less capacity, but the land is relatively cheap and there is a lot of space for solar meadows, for example. However, problems also appear to be looming in other regions. In November last year, GroenLinks in South Holland raised the issue of grid capacity. Among other things, a solar meadow project in Boskoop would be delayed there.

In May last year, Minister Wiebes of Economic Affairs and Climate referred to the Electricity Table in response to parliamentary questions, which is attended by local authorities and network operators: “For the short term, the authorities involved, network managers and the sector will have to find a practical solution in consultation. increasing network capacity takes time, because space has to be found for stations and for new connections with associated spatial permit procedures.”

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