The disruption that grounded planes was probably due to a corrupt file

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The computer glitch that grounded planes in the US for hours on Wednesday was not due to a cyber attack. This is what the American aviation organization FAA says. The outage was probably due to a ‘corrupt database file’, the organization said.

FAA note

Other than saying it’s a corrupt file, the Federal Aviation Administration doesn’t say anything about the cause in his statement. “The FAA continues to investigate to determine the cause of the failure in notice to air missions. We are working to further pinpoint the causes of the problem and are taking all necessary steps to prevent it from happening again.” happens.”

The problem was there the notam system, which allows flight crews and aviation managers to receive up-to-date information about a flight at the last minute. This concerns, for example, information from the departure or arrival airports, or about procedures and the weather on a route. The disruption meant that planes in the US were not allowed to take off or land for hours on Wednesday.

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