The Ascent update adds ray tracing to Game Pass version for PC – update

The developer of action RPG The Ascent has added ray tracing to the Game Pass version of the game for PC. DLSS is currently missing. The Steam version of The Ascent already had both of these features on release.

The update, the patch notes of which are on Steam, adds several major improvements to the various versions of the game. Chief among these is the addition of ray tracing to the Game Pass version of the game for PC.

Shortly after release, users found out that this feature was included in the Steam version of The Ascent, but not yet in the Game Pass version from the Windows Store. The same was true for Nvidia’s DLSS. The developer already indicated that the features would be brought to the Game Pass version for PC as soon as possible, but that this would require additional development work.

Raytracing is added in the most recent update. The feature will not be available for consoles. Neon Giant also indicated in an interview with Wccftech that ray tracing will be available for the PC versions of the game. The studio also indicated at the time that it has no plans to support AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution supersampling technique.

The new update is also said to improve the game’s performance in DirectX 12. Also, the PC version of the game will get a CPU performance mode for less powerful PCs and NPC loading will be improved. Stability of The Ascent will be improved on all platforms. Several bugs and crashes have also been fixed, both in single player and co-op modes.

The Ascent is out July 29 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. It’s an ‘action shooter RPG’ with a cyberpunk theme. On the Xbox Series X, the game runs in 4k resolution with a frame rate of 60 fps. The game has a suggested retail price of 30 euros, but is also included in the Game Pass subscription.

Update, 11:38: Eurogamer reports that DLSS was added “with a minor update earlier this week” to the Game Pass version for PC, but this does not appear to be the case. Developer Neon Giant reports on Twitter that it is still in the process of adding this feature to the Game Pass version for PC. The article has been adapted accordingly.