Tesla’s neural network can recognize emergency services within months

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Elon Musk has announced on Twitter that the neural network of Tesla’s electric cars will gain the capacity to recognize emergency services in the coming months. These are police cars, fire trucks and ambulances.

Elon Musk reports not when exactly the necessary update will be implemented; he only says that recognizing emergency services will be added to the neural network in the coming months. Musk responded with this to a question from several Twitter users; they wondered if the Autopilot user interface was able to distinguish between emergency vehicles and regular vehicles.

These questions were asked after a Model S was recently involved in a curious police chase. The chairman of a city planning committee in Los Altos, California, had probably fallen asleep at the wheel of his Model S. The car, which was traveling at 112km/h on a highway, was probably operating in a semi-active mode. requiring driver assistance.

The police managed to stop the Tesla car by driving in front of it, to which the Tesla responded by also slowing down. It was only after more than 10 kilometers that the officers were able to stop the car. Elon Musk previously indicated that he is investigating this incidentAccording to him, the Autopilot should normally bring the car to a slow stop and then turn on the hazard lights if there is no input from the driver.

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