Tesla update points to possibility of streaming Sentrymode camera images

Tesla appears to be working on an option to allow the owner to view camera images of its cars live via the Tesla app. A twitter user has discovered this based on a deconstruction of the Tesla software update 2020.44.25, which came out on November 27.

The user, @greentheonly, described by Electrek as a hacker, states that the function is ‘ready’, but at the same time it does not rule out that the function will not be in an upcoming update. Apparently the position has been postponed before. Although he doesn’t state it emphatically, he probably intercepted the over-the-air update and unpacked it to see what’s in the code.

The position is plausible. Tesla cars already have a so-called Sentry Mode in which the cameras in the bodywork make video recordings for safety, if the car ‘notices’ that there is a danger. These images are now stored on a data carrier, but since the vehicles have the option of communicating over mobile networks and WiFi, it is possible that these images can be streamed to a smartphone. The stream has a bandwidth of 4Mbit / s.