Tesla starts with automatic release on US highways

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Tesla has started the activation of Navigate on Autopilot in the United States. That is the company’s ‘on-ramp to off-ramp’ system that is capable of controlling speed, keeping distance and changing jobs on the motorway. The driver is still expected to supervise.

Tesla leader Elon Musk announces the on Twitter, followed by a extended announcement on the American automaker’s blog. At the beginning, drivers still have to approve a change of jobs with the arm for the indicator, but in the future, this should be unnecessary, says the company. Hardware Version 2.5 is required for the function.

When the mode is on, the car will suggest a change of course for two different reasons: to drive as close as possible to the preferred speed of the driver and to ensure that the car the correct highway branches persist.

Tesla emphasizes that truly autonomous vehicles have not yet been approved by the regulators, which means that the driver remains responsible for the driving behavior of the car and therefore should always remain at the wheel, even when Navigate on Autopilot is on. When the introduction of Navigate on Autopilot in the Benelux can happen, is not known. According to Tesla, this mainly depends on approval by government bodies.

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