Tesla records 146,000 reservations for Cybertruck after unveiling

About 146,000 people made reservations for the Cybertruck after the futuristic-looking pickup truck was unveiled by Tesla. Only 17 percent of the reservations were for the cheaper single-engine model.

That’s what Elon Musk made known through a message on Twitter. According to the CEO, in a day after the reservations open, 146,000 people are interested in the Cybertruck. This does not mean that they are obliged to make a purchase; a deposit of only $100 is required for a reservation.

Musk says 17 percent of reservations are made up of the cheapest single-engine model, which retails for about $40,000. 42 percent and 41 percent of the reservations, respectively, consisted of the dual and tri-motor variant. Incidentally, when Tesla opened the reservations for the Model 3, there were still 232,000 registrations. However, it should be noted that the Model 3 is a more common and cheaper model. However, for the Model 3 a larger down payment of 1000 dollars had to be made.

Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck at its own event, announcing that the pickup truck is made of armored metal with tempered glass windows. The truck should roll off the production line from the end of 2021, although delivery of the tri-motor will take another year longer.