Tesla enables live streaming of Sentry Mode camera images for iOS users

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Tesla has released an update that makes it possible to stream Sentry Mode camera images live to an iOS device. The feature is not yet available to Android app users and was included in the ‘Premium Connectivity’ plan.

With version 2021.36.8 of the built-in Tesla software, users can stream live images from the built-in Autopilot cameras directly to their iOS device and verify that the immediate environment of their car is safe. Tesla also mentions in the release notes that the camera feed is end-to-end encrypted and that the car manufacturer cannot view it.

According to Electrek, the functionality is only available to iOS users for now and it is not clear if and when Android users will get the functionality.

With Sentry Mode, the built-in cameras of Tesla cars automatically record images if the car ‘senses’ that there is danger. The images are stored on an internal carrier, but can be shared via mobile networks and WiFi. Streaming live camera images from Sentry Mode requires a Tesla Premium Connectivity subscription.

Update, 11:00 PM: Error in the article corrected. The software update affected the onboard computer of Tesla vehicles, not the company’s iOS app.

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