Tesla: Autopilot arrives at fatal crash Model X – Image and sound

According to Tesla, research shows that in the accident of a Model X, in which the driver crashed, Autopilot was on. Also, the driver would have received some warnings from the car, but ignored them.

The popular maker of electric cars stated that there are several ‘visual and audible’ warnings in the state of California in California. given to the driver, who would have been ignored. However, Tesla does not go into this further, so it is unclear whether the warnings actually related to the approaching accident, or whether they are unrelated.
The software also detected that the driver did not touch his hands in the six seconds before the crash. the steering wheel. However, the company does not discuss what Tesla’s smart software did to prevent or prevent the accident. However, the driver would have had 150 meters of good visibility before the Model X crashed.
Earlier this week, Tesla said that it was difficult to determine the cause of the accident because it had not yet seen the logs. , and therefore also did not know if Autopilot was on. Now that seems to be the case, given the released data. Nevertheless, not all questions have been clarified, as there is no information about the actions of the Autopilot system and why the driver did not follow the warnings given.
According to Tesla, the accident was so serious as a result of not repairing a ripple tube obstacle protector due to another accident. This so-called rimob must reduce the force of a collision with, for example, a concrete road separation. According to American media, the Model X hit such a fence and was subsequently hit by two other vehicles.
The American NHTSA, or National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, started an investigation into the role of Autopilot, after an owner of a Model S was killed. Then the authorities found that both the driver and the software were blamed for the crash. The NHTSA has also indicated that it will also investigate the crash of the Model X in California.
Recently a self-driving test car from Uber was confronted with an accident in which a 49-year-old woman was killed after being hit. The tests were then stopped. Nvidia also announced that it would temporarily stop testing self-driving cars.