Tesla Autopilot abuser severely punished by court

The man who was filmed a while ago while sitting in a Tesla in the passenger seat has been convicted by the British court. Bhavesh Patel found it no problem to completely trust the Autopilot of his Tesla Model S and if an attentive fellow road user had not filmed it, the idiot would have got away with it too. Fortunately, the law still prevailed, according to the BBC .

It is so unlikely, but people seem to have blindly trust in their ‘autonomous car’ that is still not completely autonomous and in which the law still prescribes that you have to sit behind the wheel … with your hands on The wheel. You can feel like an autonomous road user, but the rest of the traffic is certainly not yet.

What did he gain?

Patel, the violation was expensive: he can not drive on the M1 highway for a year and a half, gets 100 hours of community service and can also pay a £ 1800 fine. If he drives a model S the latter will be the least problem, but a year and a half detours to his work, that will hurt. Yet Patel did not seem impressed by the punishment and he was particularly sorry that he was one of the ‘unfortunates’ who had been caught while the Tesla was driving in front of them. The man apparently does not understand well that he could have caused a fatal accident, or worse, does not find that interesting.

It is strange that it is always Tesla drivers who get into trouble with their Autopilot. Cars from other brands also have driving assistance, but the drivers are significantly less in the news for weird antics than Elon’s customers. The Tesla employee who was questioned in the lawsuit also had no explanation for the backward behavior of the driver. So there are people who can not wait until the autonomous technology is ready and now want to live in the future. That they run a huge risk of not having a future is apparently less important.

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