Telegram Introduces Video Transcripts for Premium Users

Telegram has added new features for Premium users. This concerns video transcription and topics in group conversations, where a group chat can be divided into subgroups.

Video transcription

Video transcription was already available in the app for voice messages, but is now also available for videos, provided the user has a Telegram Premium subscription. Telegram mentions not which languages ​​are supported with this functionality.

Topics within group chats

The topics function acts as a conversation or group conversation within a group conversation, with its own secluded space. Group chat features are also supported here, such as a sticky message at the top of the chat, bots, polls, shared media, and more.

As a final big addition, Telegram offers ‘collectable usernames’. Unlike other Telegram usernames, these can be less than five characters long. Premium users can reserve these and also link to them in the form of and Ownership of the usernames is recorded on the TON blockchain, according to Telegram.

Telegram founder Pavel Durov says it’s because of Apple that the update has taken longer. Apple would have taken two weeks to approve the update, while it itself claims that it must be done within 24 hours.

Telegram Premium costs 5.49 euros per month. For that money, users get access to more channels, folders, Pins, public links and accounts. In addition, the limit on file uploads goes from 2 to 4 GB and users will not see any advertisements.