Teaser trailer of Lord of the Rings game Gollum appears online

The German game studio Daedalic has shown a first teaser trailer of the Lord of the Rings game Gollum. The trailer shows the character crawling through a cave in Mordor and trying to get towards Mount Doom.

No gameplay is yet to be seen in the trailer. You can see images of a cave with murals, through which the character Gollum crawls. The cave appears to be located somewhere near Mount Doom in Mordor. The game was announced last year as a point and click adventure game, but little was known about it so far.

Developer Daedalic tells IGN that the game is all about a combination of stealth and dialogue options. Players can determine whether Gollum is going in the right or wrong direction. According to the makers, there are not many battles in the game, but players must take out enemies. The character seems to be based mainly on Gollum from the Peter Jackson movies, although Daedalic says the game itself is based on the books by JRR Tolkien. The game should be released on PC in 2021 and as an exclusive title for the new PS5 and Xbox Series X console.