TCL shows Thunderbird smart glasses with transparent microLED color screen

TCL’s subsidiary Ffalcon has unveiled the Thunderbird Smart Glasses Pioneer Edition, smart glasses with a transparent color screen on which images are projected. In the middle of the glasses is a camera to be able to take pictures. Price and availability are unknown.

The temples of the Thunderbird glasses contain 4 µm microLEDs that project the image through the frame of the glasses to the lenses. This creates a rectangular image at the top of the two screens. So it’s not about a full screen image. It is not clear how big this image is and what resolution it has.

It is also unknown whether the glasses work independently or must be linked to a smartphone. The glasses can be controlled with swipes and pushes on the right leg. According to TCL, users can see the news with the glasses, view calendar appointments and take photos that can be shared.

The Thunderbird glasses resemble a concept that Xiaomi showed a month ago. These Smart Glasses have a microLED panel with a diameter of 0.13 inch to display notifications. Xiaomi’s glasses should be able to be used independently of a smartphone, was the idea. Last month, Facebook and Ray-Ban also showed the Ray-Ban Stories, smart glasses without a screen.