Take-Two Postpones Kerbal Space Program 2 for Third Time, Release Early 2023

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Intercept Games and Take-Two are again delaying Kerbal Space Program 2 and now promise that the space simulator will be released for PC in early 2023. The console version of the game should be released later next year.

Kerbal Space Program 2 was initially expected to be released in early 2020, but was postponed to Q3 of 2021, partly due to the corona pandemic, which in turn became ‘2022’ to improve the stability and modding support of the game. Now that release date has also been pushed back, with a release sometime in early 2023. “We have set ourselves high expectations. The game must be able to perform well on a wide variety of machines. The graphics must be unparalleled. The universe must be rich and full of interesting things to discover,” said the developer.

The game shares many fundamentals with the original, but builds on most of the mechanics with expanded and improved features. For example, the developer added a new interface to the game, interstellar travel is possible and there will be an official multiplayer mode.

Kerbal Space Program 2 was announced in summer 2019 and was initially in development at developer Star Theory Games. Shortly after the announcement, Take-Two’s publishing label Private Division formed a new studio, Intercept Games, which consisted only of the original developers of the original Kerbal Space Program.

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