Take-Two Interactive starts label for indie gamesgame

Game publisher Take-Two is establishing a new division for indie games. It will partner with major independent studios such as Obsidian Entertainment and other game studios founded by devs who have worked on major game franchises.

The division is called Private Division. The studios that Take-Two presents as their first business partners are Obsidian, Panache Digital, Outsiders, Squad and V1 Interactive. Headlines of these studios have been responsible for games in franchises such as Fallout, Assassin’s Creed, Battlefield, Payday, Kerbal Space Program and Halo. It is likely that these studios actually have games in the pipeline at the moment. Only Panache Digital is already known to be working on Ancestors: Humankind Odyssey and Squad is working on an expansion for Kerbal Space Program.

Take-Two describes the new branch as “developer-focused” with the goal of helping them “make the games they’re passionate about.” Private Division should help make these games a success in the eyes of both reviewers and consumers. Electronic Arts also took the same step in 2016 with its EA Originals division, which also focuses on such studios and games.

Take-Two Interactive also owns Rockstar Games and Firaxis Games, among others. The publisher’s portfolio includes Grand Theft Auto, XCOM, Civilization, Borderlands, Mafia, Max Payne, Red Dead, and BioShock.