Hacker publishes Windows Zeroday after Microsoft patch malfunctioning

A security researcher has released a proof-of-concept for a bug in Windows that could allow local privilege escalation. The bug derives from a vulnerability that was patched earlier during Patch Tuesday. The leak was discovered by security researcher Abdelhamid Naceri. He has posted a working proof-of-concept on GitHub. He calls the bug InstallerFileTakeOver. It is … Read more

Microsoft releases Windows 10 21H2 and promises annual feature updates

Microsoft is starting the general availability of the Windows 10 November 2021 Update, aka Windows 10 21H2. The company will continue to provide Windows 10 with feature updates in the coming years, but annually instead of twice a year. Users running Windows 10 version 2004 or later can expect the November 2021 Update from Wednesday … Read more

Microsoft releases patch for authentication issues in Windows Server

Microsoft has released several out-of-band updates for Windows Server. They patch a bug that prevents users from logging in to certain domain controllers. The bug was in an earlier security update for the OS. Microsoft has released six different updates for Windows Server versions 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2019. It is an out-of-band update that … Read more

Windows 7 Extended Security Update Program to End on January 10, 2023

Microsoft will retire the extended security program for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 7 Professional Edition for Embedded Systems on January 10, 2023. Several editions of Windows Server 2008 are supported until January 9, 2024. On a support page, Microsoft writes that the paid Extended Security Update program for the above-mentioned Windows 7 systems will … Read more

Microsoft makes Windows 11 available

Microsoft will make Windows 11 available from Monday. The company is thus starting the phased distribution of the operating system. By mid-2022, every Windows 10 PC that is eligible for Windows 11 should have been offered the upgrade. Windows 10 users can check via Windows Update whether Microsoft offers Windows 11 as an update from … Read more

Microsoft releases fix for zero-day vulnerability in Microsoft Office via MShtml

Microsoft has identified a total of 86 vulnerabilities, including an actively exploited zeroday in MSHTML that affected Office users, a zeroday in Windows DNS, and patched 28 bugs in Microsoft Edge during Patch Tuesday. The vulnerabilities range from minor to critical. During the monthly Patch Tuesday, Microsoft has patched 60 vulnerabilities in, among others, different … Read more

Microsoft warns against actively abused zero-day in Office 365 and Office 2019

Microsoft warns that hackers are actively exploiting a vulnerability in Office 365 and Office 2019. The vulnerability is in Mshtml, a browser renderer from Internet Explorer, which is also used for Office documents. The vulnerability affects Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, and Windows Server versions from 2008 to 2019, according to a Microsoft advisory. Hackers … Read more

Microsoft releases Windows Server 2022

Microsoft has released Windows Server 2022. The new version includes https and TLS 1.3 by default and replaces the outdated Internet Explorer in the software for the new version of Edge based on Chromium. Microsoft has put an extensive changelog online. The improvements focus on three areas, namely security, the application platform, and management through … Read more

Microsoft makes Windows 11 preview available on Azure Virtual Desktop

Microsoft has started offering the Windows 11 preview through Azure Virtual Desktop. This allows users to try out the upcoming OS in a virtualized Windows installation in the cloud. “Organizations are using it today with Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Server. And now we’re excited to offer Windows 11 on Azure Virtual Desktop,” writes the … Read more

Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Netflix collaborate on eBPF Foundation

Four major tech giants announce their collaboration on the eBPF Foundation. With the collaboration, Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Netflix hope to improve eBPF faster. The eBPF Foundation becomes part of the Linux Foundation. The announcement comes just before the eBPF summit, which will take place on August 18 and 19. EBPF already works in the … Read more