Customer sues Canon for disabling scan function when printer ink runs out

A New Yorker has filed a class action lawsuit against Canon because the company allegedly disables scanning and faxing when the printer’s ink runs out. According to the chief prosecutor, an all-in-one printer must also be able to perform those functions without ink. Prosecutor David Leacraft represents at least a hundred and, he estimates, thousands … Read more

Ford and Walmart are going to deliver groceries in the US with self-driving cars

Argo AI, Ford and Walmart will deliver groceries in three American cities with autonomous Ford cars. The first test is yet to begin this year. The groceries are delivered to consumers at home on the same day as the order or on the next day. The three companies will use Ford passenger cars for the … Read more

India’s top judges: Amazon must cooperate with investigation into abuse of power

Amazon and Flipkart, the latter part of the American Walmart, have been ordered to cooperate with an investigation into abuse of power on their online store platforms. According to an Indian market watchdog, both companies are guilty of this. India’s top judges have ruled that Amazon and Walmart must cooperate, even if they would have … Read more

$299 DJI Mini SE drone appears at US retailer

The American retailer Walmart has early information about an unannounced drone from DJI put online. This DJI Mini SE would cost $299 and could record videos with a resolution of 2720×1530 pixels at 30fps. With that recording resolution, the unannounced DJI Mini SE shows great similarities with the first-generation DJI Mavic Mini from 2019, The … Read more

Google comes with Entertainment Space with games and videos for Android tablets

Google has announced a new Entertainment Spaces feature for Android tablets. This will be an overview with games, videos and e-books. The feature will be available later this year for tablets from Lenovo, Sharp and other companies. The Entertainment Space feed is divided into three media consumption categories: ‘watching’, ‘games’, and ‘reading’. The overview is … Read more

New US government puts lawsuit for WeChat and TikTok ban on pause

The administration of new US President Joe Biden has requested and received a suspension in the lawsuit against TikTok and WeChat. It was brought by the Donald Trump administration because it saw the Chinese apps as a threat to national security. The Donald Trump administration has sought a ban on TikTok and WeChat, but the … Read more

‘TikTok acquisition by Oracle and Walmart has been postponed indefinitely’

The acquisition of TikTok’s American branch has been shelved. That’s what The Wall Street Journal claims. The deal has been “suspended indefinitely” as President Biden reviews former President Trump’s policies on certain Chinese companies. Talks between representatives of ByteDance and US security officials are continuing in the meantime, The Wall Street Journal sources report. These … Read more

Judge US prohibits government from blocking trade with TikTok

A US judge has blocked the US government from trying to ban trading with TikTok. Earlier, the judge said that TikTok should remain in American download stores, now the other measures are also off the table. The Department of Commerce wanted to prevent US companies from still trading with TikTok and parent company ByteDance, but … Read more

Trump administration gives TikTok ban a new November 27 deadline

The Trump administration’s Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States has given TikTok a new deadline to sell its US division, but the early November court order thwarting the ban still stands. President Trump’s court order to get rid of TikTok now has a deadline on Nov. 27. However, according to The Verge, that … Read more

‘TikTok provides a small part of the turnover of parent company’

TikTok is responsible for a small part of the turnover of parent company ByteDance this year, claims Reuters news agency. Most of the turnover comes from apps for the Chinese market. The company’s figures are not public. TikTok’s Chinese counterpart Douyin is responsible for about 60 percent of ByteDance’s revenue, Reuters claims. Another 20 percent … Read more