Intel introduces neuromorphic Loihi 2 processor on Intel 4 process

Intel has presented Loihi 2, a new version of its neuromorphic processor that can simulate neurons and synapses and is thus self-learning to some extent. The company uses Intel 4 as a test process to make the chip. According to Intel, the basic architecture of Loihi 2 is the same as that of the first … Read more

‘Government algorithms are not black boxes, but they do have risks’

There is a risk that citizens will be discriminated against if the government uses algorithms. Nevertheless, there are currently no ‘black box’ algorithms in use, the Court of Audit concluded in a report. The Court of Audit conducted an investigation into the use of algorithms in government. In the study, the agency concludes that the … Read more

Adobe automatically adjusts PDF format with Liquid Mode for small screens

Adobe is adding Liquid Mode to its Acrobat Reader app for Android and iOS. The feature automatically adjusts the format of PDFs for smaller screens. According to Adobe, this works with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Later, the feature will also come to desktops. By pressing the Liquid Mode button, the app adjusts the display … Read more

Researchers build artificial hybrid synapse

A scientist from Eindhoven University of Technology TU/e, together with colleagues from the Italian Institute of Technology and Stanford University, has developed and tested an artificial synapse with living neurons. The researcher, Yoeri van de Burgt, had previously made working samples of the artificial synapses, the structures of neurons that are responsible for signal transmission … Read more

SIDN and .nl registrars took 4340 fraudulent web stores offline last year

In 2019, SIDN, in collaboration with .nl registrars, took 4,340 fraudulent web shops offline. Much of this was discovered with a self-learning tool from SIDN Labs. According to the foundation, this tool now has a certainty percentage of 79.3 percent. Webshops identified as fake or fraudulent by SIDN’s tool are then manually checked by the … Read more

Self-learning AI beats the world’s most famous chess engine

Chess engine Bc0 has won the Computer Chess Championship. It is the first time that a chess engine that has taught itself to play chess through machine learning has won the tournament. Bc0 defeated the famous chess engine Stockfish in the final of CCC: Blitz Bonanza. It is not only the first time that a … Read more

5 tips: how to make chatbots and AI part of your marketing strategy

Artificial intelligence is indispensable from the online world. For example, the use of chatbots is a huge opportunity for B2C companies with customer service. Just a little more than 85 percent of the online interactions take place between people and robots. And chatbots are already almost as good as human interactions. But there are more … Read more

"We are at the beginning of an exciting journey with data as the basis"

Organizations that use their data well, have competitive advantages. So good design of data infrastructure is becoming increasingly important. “But data must be meaningful. Where does that data come from? From which systems does this data come and which connections can be made between datasets? Also important, how is the data governance set up? “Remus … Read more

EA is testing self-learning AI agents in Battlefield 1

EA is testing the use of virtual players in Battlefield 1 who teach themselves basic skills almost from scratch, using artificial intelligence. The goal is to eventually use the self-learning agents in games. The agents are not thrown in at the deep end from scratch: EA first had them analyze the game of human players … Read more

Intel introduces ‘self-learning’ neuromorphic test chip

Intel has announced a neuromorphic chip called Loihi that can “learn” based on feedback from its environment. The design is inspired by the workings of the human brain and Loihi is supposed to help speed up artificial intelligence calculations. Intel built the chip around a mesh network of 130,000 cores that act as virtual neurons, … Read more