Recycling batteries can be much better

One of the biggest challenges in tech is batteries. How do you make sure you get as much out of them as possible, while keeping them small? After all, they have to fit in a smartphone that has to fit in your hand again, or they have to fit in a car and not be … Read more

Huawei and sustainability, the green leaf on the lotus flower

Just a week ago, Huawei launched their latest flagship smartphone, the Huawei Mate 40 Pro. And just like the predecessors of the Ze Mate 40, the device is again full of new innovations, culminating in the now famous Leica camera. It’s where those predecessors already made a difference at launch. But that’s not just the … Read more

The European Commission will continue to focus on recycling electronics in the coming years

In 2021, the European Commission wants to continue to focus on recycling and extending the lifespan of consumer electronics. In a policy plan for the coming year, the EC writes that it wants a ‘circular economy’, especially for devices such as mobile phones and laptops. The plan of the European Commission fits within the European … Read more

Apple sues recycling company for reselling iPhones, iPads and Watches

Apple is suing recycling company GEEP Canada. That company was hired by Apple to dismantle and recycle devices, but the company is said to have resold more than 100,000 devices by agreement, which Apple sent a total of 531,966 iPhones to GEEP between January 2015 and December 2017 for recycling. Also, 25,673 iPads and 19,277 … Read more

Sonos announces new operating system

Sonos will introduce a new app and operating system in June. This will increase the audio bandwidth and put more focus on personalization and user-friendliness. The manufacturer also announces the possibilities for older Sonos products. The new operating system is called Sonos S2. In app stores, it will inherit the name Sonos Controller from the … Read more

Sonos stops controversial Recycle Mode for disabling old speakers

Sonos is ending Recycle Mode, part of its Trade-Up program that entitles customers to discounts on new products if they broke down their old Sonos products to send them in for recycling. Sonos has quietly removed Recycle Mode from its app, The Verge notes. The audio equipment manufacturer refers customers who wish to take advantage … Read more

Sega puts new physical PC games in fully recyclable packaging

Sega Europe will now deliver its physical PC games in fully recyclable packaging. That starts with the release of Total War: Rome II – Enemy at the Gates Edition and will apply to all upcoming games. Sega Europe’s PC games are released worldwide in all places where physical copies are still sold. Sega includes developers … Read more

European Parliament wants universal charger rules to be introduced before July

The European Parliament has passed a resolution calling on the European Commission to come up with stricter rules for universal chargers by July this year. Parliament also wants wireless chargers to work with as many smartphones as possible. The European Parliament passed the resolution on Thursday with 582 votes in favor versus 40 against and … Read more

Hard drives with data Japanese taxpayers appear at auction

In Japan, eighteen hard drives containing taxpayers’ data have ended up at an auction. The data carriers should have been destroyed, but were instead offered by an employee of the recycling company. NHK reports that. Nine hard drives had already surfaced, but now nine more have been added, bringing the total to eighteen. Each of … Read more

Volkswagen starts pilot for production of its own battery cells

Volkswagen has started producing its own battery cells for electric cars in Salzgitter, Germany. It is still a production line that is part of a pilot, but this should eventually lead to a large battery cell factory. According to Frank Blome, the director of Volkswagen division Center of Excellence for Battery Cells, this test production … Read more