ExpressVPN has been acquired by former ad injection software maker

VPN provider ExpressVPN has been acquired by Kape, an IT security company that was formed in 2018 from the Crossrider company. As an affiliate, that company focused on offering ad injecting software. PIA also falls under Kape. Kape Technologies has acquired ExpressVPN for $936 million. Kape reports that after the acquisition it will have 6 … Read more

Freenode admins resign after ‘acquisition’ and create

Many administrators of the popular IRC network Freenode have resigned after what they see as a hostile takeover of the network by Andrew Lee’s company Freenode Limited. In a notification, they advise everyone to switch to Freenode’s volunteer administrators announced in droves last week that they would stop working, threatening the survival of the … Read more

Freenode administrators step down after ‘takeover’ and create

A large number of operators of the popular IRC network Freenode have resigned after what they saw as a hostile takeover of the network by Andrew Lee’s company Freenode Limited. In a report, they recommend everyone to switch to The voluntary administrators of Freenode indicated in large numbers last week that they would stop … Read more

VPN service Private Internet Access has been acquired by owner CyberGhost

The popular VPN service Private Internet Access has been sold. VPN company Kape Technologies pays 115 million euros for PIA. Kape Technologies also has other VPN services such as CyberGhost and Zenmate and certain security tools under it. Kape Technologies has acquired PIA’s parent company LTMI Holdings, the company wrote in a press release. In … Read more

Software update: Private Internet Access v79

Private Internet Access has released a new version of its vpn client. PIA is a paid vpn service with clients for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. In addition, there is a browser extension for Google Chrome. PIA has a large number of servers in 28 countries. Depending on the chosen plan, the service costs … Read more

Private Internet Access to open source code of VPN client software

Private Internet Access, known for its VPN software, will make its client software open source within six months. The organization has already put the code of its Chrome extension online. That code is on GitHub. The plan applies to all of its client applications, software libraries, and extensions, according to the recent announcement. The company … Read more

Popular crypto library audit reveals no major vulnerabilities

An audit of the popular cryptographic software library libsodium revealed no major vulnerabilities. The code was examined by cryptographer Matthew Green at the request of VPN provider Private Internet Access. When presenting the results of the audit, the VPN provider stated that it uses the software library itself for its internal software. The research initially … Read more

Crypto chat app Signal to build in tools to bypass censorship

Open Whisper Systems, the organization responsible for developing the secure chat app Signal, has announced that it wants to circumvent its software censorship. The decision follows Signal’s blocking in Egypt. In a tweet writes the organization that the new position should be available in the coming weeks. Open Whisper Systems does not provide further details … Read more

VPN provider PIA withdraws from Russia after servers seized

The VPN provider Private Internet Access, also known as PIA, says that its Russian servers have been seized after an action by the local government. The company is therefore making the decision to permanently remove its servers from Russia. No traffic or session data came into the hands of the Russian government during the seizure, … Read more