Private Internet Access to open source code of VPN client software

Private Internet Access, known for its VPN software, will make its client software open source within six months. The organization has already put the code of its Chrome extension online.

That code is on GitHub. The plan applies to all of its client applications, software libraries, and extensions, according to the recent announcement. The company recognizes that it’s late to the party, but also that code transparency is important. PIA writes, “We know our code may not be perfect and we hope the Foss community will join in with feedback, feature requests, bug fixes and better service to the wider privacy movement.”

The Chrome extension, which is now open source, protects traffic from the browser but not from other parts of the system. Ultimately, the desktop client along with the mobile clients must also become open source according to the company’s plans. People who don’t want to use these now have the choice to use the PIA services via the OpenVPN client. In addition, in the company’s announcement, it states its intention to “make all its code public in the long term,” although it is not clear whether it means code outside of client applications.